Our Donors

Our 2022 Donors

Thank you to all of our generous donors. Every donation helps us achieve our goal of bringing high quality professional theater to Cape May, NJ. If you are interested in making a donation, click on the button below to see how you can help.

Donors Listed Reflect Donations of $100 or more from June, 2021 to May, 2022.

Michael Laird Leadership Circle

$25,000 to $74,999

PNC Arts Alive
Leslie & Myles Martel

Marquis Society

$15,000 to $24,999

Victor F. Keen & Jeanne Ruddy
Steve & Sue Teitelman

Standing Ovation

$10,000 to $14,999

Ken & Elaine Kirby
Irene Darocha & Michael Picariello
Catherine Rein

Playwrights Circle

$5,000 to $9,999

Janice & Joseph Anania
Tina and Bill Angstadt
Jill & Lee Bellarmino
Vince & Denise DeGiaimo
Robert Dixson
Grete & Martyn Greenacre
Jim & Teresa Knipper
Gail Wilsey-Morrison

In the Spotlight

$2,500 to $4,999

Walter Bradhering
Tom & Sue Carroll
Suzan & George Chmiel
Joan & Jack Dempsey
Kate & Gerald Hathaway
David Green & Christine Petrik
Susan Priester, Community Foundation of Greenville, Inc.
Paul & Fran Rixon
George & Theresa Schu
Marvin & Lee Zektzer

Stars of the Show

$1,000 to $2,499

Lester & Bobbi Aungst
The Cohen Family Fund
Jennifer Harmon & Bob McCurdy
Pamela & John Leek
Chris & Kat Marlowe
Lynn Martenstein & Jorg Pawlik
Laurie Orem
Jane Robinson
Mark Seltzer & Angie Segal

Leading Role

$500 to $999

Mary Burke
John & Cathy Case
Nancy & Michael Childs
Tom & Debbie Cutler
Glen Ebisch & Maureen Egan
Gail & Craig Fitz
Tanice & Dudley Fitzpatrick
Susan Greene
Nancy & Dave Hanslowe
Tricia Kraemer
Becky Kriebel In memory of Robert Kriebel
Brook & Cherry Landis
Norman & Mary Ellen Ledwin
Paula Murray, The Bedford Inn
Robert Schwinger
Katie, Matt & Laura Smith
Barbara St. Clair
Doreen Talley, Cape May Film Festival
Rob & Wendy Wilson

Featured Actor

$250 to $499

Leo & Sonja Amaker
Joan & Ira Berkowitz
Thomas & Teresa Bocket
John & Judy Ann Curtis on behalf of John Curtis Brad Gettelfinger
Stanley Gora
Keenya Jackson
Donald Jordan
David & Eunice King
Susanne & Alexander Kucsma
Brian MacGeorge
Susie Maguire
Beverly Pattillo
Stefan Prosky
Dr. James & Marilou Rochford
Joseph Rooney & Gabriella Calvi
Joel Rutenberg
Roy Shubert
Roy Steinberg & Marlena Lustik
James & Jeanne Testa


$100 to $249

Patricia Amyx
Tina Bellamy
Penny Bergman
Robin Black
Jose & Manuela Blanco
John & Lisa Boecker
Lee Brock
Debra Card
Bruce & Robin Corini
Matt Palmer & Christine Cosenza
Marta Dabezies & Patricia Rose
Paulette Delaveaux
Francis DeRose
Ellen & Frank DeRose
Dan & Mary Dewaters
Michael Dougherty on behalf of Regina Dougherty
Michael & Jane Egan
Gail Evans
Kathleen & Robert Familetti
Barbara Flaherty
William & Margaret Flanagan
William & Adrienne Gallagher
Joseph & Elizabeth Garner
Linda Gianni
Steven & Lynne Glasser

Richard Kallok
Marcia Kanter
Maria Kastner
Jeanne Kelly
Eileen Kirk
Richard Klein
Karin and John Kopesky
Walter & Yvonne Kuemmerle
Gregory Lewis
Al & Martha Maffeo
Melanie Marcols
Diane Mcfarlin
Debra Mcmahon
Jennette Molnar
Stephen Murray
Bryan & Stephanie Oscarson
Matt Palmer & Christine Cosenza
Gene Gniewyk
Staci Gray
RJ Scott Griffith
John & Elizabeth Gulley
Adam & Mary Hauser
Kathy & Chris Hein in honor of Lee & Jill Bellarmino
Elaine Herfurth-Kline
Sheila Horgan
Susan & Steve Irving
Bruce & Paula James
Andy Prosky
Patricia Quinn
Paula Reckess
Adrienne Richlin
Donna & Craig Rothman
Joel Rutenberg
James Salasin
Stanhope Bayme Salsberg Jr. in memory of Rosalie M. Hodges
Joan Saylor
Rhea Stadtmauer
James Summers
Sharon Tether & Joseph Stefanelli
Stephen & Charlotte Todd
Ann Turnbull & Alice Hort
Sid Ulm
Susan & Colin Ungaro
Jill and Budd Waisbren
Alice Washington
John Wright
Elizabeth & Larry Yermack

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